2002 Lincoln LS V8 - Vivid LS

Purchased by Keith in 2005, Vivid LS was stock. In its original condition Vivid LS had significant potential for modifications and Keith’s ideas were endless. He began with an all-inclusive vision for Vivid LS’s future – what will it ultimately be? From there, Keith broke the work into phases of implementation and executed them with precision. Vivid LS’s first modifications were the Lamborghini doors, one of a kind Foose rims, and the stereo with screens. All of the work was performed by Keith with the help of various garages for space and tools. It was important to Keith that he be a major part of completing the work and ensuring it was done to perfection. After these major transformations, Keith then worked on the little details that brought Vivid LS to a complete package. These included the suede headliner, XB 360, angel eye headlights, and the flip-flop trunk. As always, the impeccable level of cleanliness of a show car remained Keith’s continued focus.

Holding his own in the show scene, Keith knows how to highlight spectacular cars like Vivid LS. Always spotless, Vivid LS was recognized at every show it attended and claimed numerous trophies during its 2 years of shows. Top recognition came from the Dub Show, NOPI, Carlisle, Ocean City, Funk Master Flex, and other locally supported shows. Awards won include Best Full Size Car (Dub), and Best In Show (NOPI. Carlisle, Ocean City, and Funk Master Flex).

In 2007, Keith had brought Vivid LS to its prime. As the maintenance for the modifications began to overwhelm the enjoyment of the car, Keith began to look for his next automotive adventure. A bittersweet day was trading in Vivid LS for the purchase of Midnight Kompressor.

Vivid LS

  • This 2002 Lincoln LS V8 was a one of a kind show piece. All the work was done by Keith and included many one of a kind parts. Some of the highlights were 20" chrome Foose rims, lambo doors, custom body kit, five screens with Xbox360, and a full custom fiberglass trunk.

  • Vivid LS