Check out the future of Midnight Kompressor

The life of a show car is ever changing; you have to keep things fresh and current. At any given time there are multiple different modifications in the pipeline. Not all of them come to fruition but a good chunk of them have been incorporated into Midnight Kompressor.

Exterior Modifications

  • Carbon Fiber Hood With Custom Paint
    A custom painted carbon fiber hood will finish off the carbon fiber accents on the outside of the car. The hood will need to be imported and should be on in early 2012.

  • 8 Multicolor Flashing LED Wheel Well Pods.
    There is no room for a set of LED tubes in the wheel wells so Keith will be installing a set of 8 LED pods to give the wheels some color. This project should be completed during the spring of 2012.

  • Custom Metal Flake Paint
    Midnight Kompressor will be receiving a custom clear coat with a metal flake paint mixed into it. The deep black paint will be accentuated by the metal flakes mixed into the clear coat. Look for the paint to be done during the spring of 2012.

  • Morello Style Vented Fenders
    These fenders will give Midnight Kompressor a custom look that will give the front end an entirely new stance. The fenders have vents built into the side that will give the front end depth and give Keith a place to put more custom lighting. These fenders will become a part of Midnight Kompressor in early 2012.

  • Morello Style Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
    Things are always changing in the world of show cars. Midnight Kompressor is going to change things up and a new taller custom wing will be installed on the trunk. The wing will give the car a more custom look that no other Mercedes-Benz has.

  • Interior Modifications

  • New Fiberglass Sub Box With Screens
    The current box only holds the 12" subs and will be redone to include a screen or two. This modification is in the planning stages and probably will not be done till 2012.

  • Red Leather Inserts Added To Seats
    The leather seats will be pulled and some custom red leather inserts will be stitched in. This will add some color to the interior and tie in the red accents on the outside of the car. This modification is scheduled for 2012.

  • Performance Modifications

  • Super Charger Baffle Removed
    the stock super charger comes with a muffler to keep the sound low. This muffler will be removed and replaced with a piece of polished steel. It will make Midnight Kompressor sound better and improve the performance of the supercharger. This modification will be completed during the spring of 2012.