Stock Options

These options were included with Midnight Kompressor when it was built:

  • Black Leather Inserts
  • Sunroof Package (Garage Door Opener, Autodimming Mirror, Rain Sensor Wipers, Glass Sunroof, Power Rear-Window Sunshade
  • Standard Cell Phone Prewiring
  • 5-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Radio Audio 20 w/ Single CD
  • Blue Tinted Glass
  • 6-Disc CD Changer
  • Heated Front Seats

  • Modifications

    Keith goes the extra mile when it comes to modifications and pays great attention to even the smallest details. His vision for Midnight Kompressor includes large carbon fiber enhancements and chrome details. All of these themes are carried throughout the car and strike a classy balance. In the end, Midnight Kompressor's modifications are brought together with the smallest modifications.

    Below is a complete list of all modifications that Keith has done to Midnight Kompressor. It includes the very small additions like Mercedes-Benz logo valve stem caps and Mercedes logo windshield wipers as well as the staggered rims and custom trunk additions. Together, these modifications let Midnight Kompressor stand alone.

    Scroll over the pictures below to enlarge them.

    Exterior Modifications

    Interior Modifications

    19" Staggered Mandrus Millenium Rims

    The rims make the ride and Keith searched for rims for quite some time. The set he decided on are staggered to fit the large front calipers and allow the vehicle to have more stance in the back with a 1 inch lip. They are silver with a polished aluminum lip.
    2 Infinity 12” Subwoofers

    These subwoofers have some serious kick, both music and movies sound good coming from them. They add some bass to an otherwise good stock system.
    235/35/19 Falken FK-452 Front Tires & 265/30/19 Falken FK-452 Rear Tires

    The tires were selected to make sure the ride was as comfortable as it could be with such large rims installed on the car. They are as wide as you can go on a Mercedes-Benz C Class without rubbing. No modifications were made to the car.
    8” Visor Screens

    The visor screens are made by Innovatek and come pre-installed in the visor assembly. They work in conjunction with the DVD player that is hidden under the passenger seat.
    Black Headlight Rings

    The black headlight rings were installed to darken the front of the car, the headlights have are quite large and the rings help them to blend in to the rest of the black paint.
    11” Headrest Screens

    Midnight Kompressor has the largest headrest screens on the market right now. They are 11” and came installed with a black leather surround. They are made by Innovatek as well.
    Carbon Fiber Center Caps

    The carbon fiber center caps are custom made to match the rest of the carbon fiber theme of Midnight Kompressor. They are a nice complement to the lighter color of the rims.
    Chrome Door Lock Pins

    The original set of door pins were black and did not recess down into the door frame all the way. They were uncomfortable and looked out of place. This set of chrome door pins go with the other accents inside the car and hide away when the door is locked.
    Carbon Fiber CL Style Front Lip

    The carbon fiber Cl style front lip gives Midnight Kompressor a low mean stance. It is bolted onto the bottom of the bumper for safety and gives the front of the car a custom look.
    Custom Fiberglass Speaker Enclosure

    The custom fiberglass box that houses the subs was made it fit under the rear deck of the car. It gives the trunk some style and looks like it was made for the car. It is finished in a silver metallic paint and has a Mercedes logo printed on it.
    Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

    The carbon fiber mirror covers blend nicely with the rest of the carbon fiber accents and dress up the plain black mirrors. They also allow the stock mirror blinkers to shine and draw attention to another piece of the car.
    Custom Fiberglass Trunk Setup With Screens

    A fiberglass mold was made to hold two screens and a lightup Mercedes emblem. It fits nicely into the trunk recess and shows when the trunk is open. The Mercedes emblem lights up red at night.
    Carbon Fiber Pillar Posts

    The carbon fiber pillar posts were custom cut and made to cover all six of the pillars on the car. They are dipped in epoxy to give them a smooth shine and beveled edge. They complement the rest of the carbon fiber pieces on the car.
    DVD Player with TV Tuner

    This setup allows Midnight Kompressor the play any DVD and also get the local TV channels. Both these items are a must for long trips. The DVD player is hidden under the passenger seat and has a remote that can control all of it’s functions.
    Carbon Fiber Quad Rear Diffuser

    The carbon fiber quad rear diffuser brings a touch of carbon fiber to the lower rear portion of Midnight Kompressor. It frames the custom quad AMG exhaust tips and pulls the entire rear of the car together.
    Hardwired iPod

    The iPod in Midnight Kompressor is hardwired into the stock radio. The radio had to be customized to allow the iPod to play through the stock speakers. No small feat in a Mercedes-Benz.
    Carbon Fiber Roof Wing

    The carbon fiber roof wing gives Midnight Kompressor a sleek look and continues the aggressive roof line onto the back window. This piece had to be custom made to accommodate the cell phone antenna that is built into the rear window. The wing is glued on for extra security.
    Hardwired Valentine V1 Radar Detector

    The Valentine V1 is the class of radar detectors. It offers directional alerts which help you identify where the radar is coming from. Midnight Kompressor was wired to have the radar detector come on whenever the car is turned on, no cigarette plugs allowed here.
    Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler

    The carbon fiber trunk spoiler was added to Midnight Kompressor to accent the trunk area and give it a more aggressive look. The spoiler is flush mount and blends nicely with the rest of the carbon fiber accents.
    Kuda iPhone Holder

    This leather add-on accessory holds the iPhone tight and looks like it came with the car. It mounts on the right side of the center console and allows the user easy access to their phone or iPod. Ther product is made specifically for the C Class and is produced by KUDA.
    Chrome Door Bowl Covers

    The chrome door bowl covers add a touch of class to Midnight Kompressor; they are one of the few chrome pieces that have been added to the car. They add some protection to the paint of the doors and dress up an otherwise bland piece of the car with some shine.
    Kuda Navigation Holder

    This custom piece of leather makes a permanent mount for a GPS unit that would normally need to be stuck to the glass. The piece is made by Kuda for the C Class and mounts between the speaker and vents on the dashboard.
    Chrome Trunk Handle

    The chrome trunk handle installs under the rear plate and is a Mercedes-Benz original part. The purpose of it is to allow the operator to close the trunk without touching the black paint. It is a small accent that adds to the character of Midnight Kompressor.
    LEDGlow 1 Million Color Engine LED Kit

    LEDGlow is the official supplier of everything lighting on Midnight Kompressor. This kit consists of two 12", two 8" and two 6” flexible tubes that can be mounted anywhere in the engine bay. They shine some light on an otherwise plain section of the car and can be programmed in any number of colors and sequences.
    Chrome Rear Turn Signal Bulbs

    The rear turn signals on Midnight Kompressor were originally orange in color and stuck out like a sore thumb. A replacement set of chrome bulbs were installed so the bulb looks chrome when not in use and flashes orange when turned on. This keeps Midnight Kompressor legal and out of trouble.
    LEDGlow 3 Million Color LED Interior Kit

    This kit shines a lot of light on the interior of Midnight Kompressor. It consists of eight tubes that are mounted under the dashboard, seats and above the rear window. The setup is programmable and contains 3 million different color combinations.
    Clear Turn Signals

    The front turn signals come from Mercedes-Benz in orange and do not blend well with the car. Midnight Kompressor now has a set of clear lenses that complement the front of the car and light up bright white when used.
    Maglite Mounted In Trunk

    This Maglite has been installed in every one of Keith’s show cars. It is mounted in Midnight Kompressor right on the inside edge of the trunk and is held there with two clips supplied by Maglite.
    Custom Red Painted Engine Cover

    The engine bay of Midnight Kompressor was very black and plain. This engine cover was removed and the silver stripes were painted on by hand. Then the outer sections were sprayed with a high temperature paint that matches the calipers. This cover gives the engine some color and draws attention to the other modifications under the hood.
    MTX Jackhammer JH600 Amplifier

    This amplifier provides 600 watts of power to each of the 12” subwoofers. It is mounted on the backside of the rear seat and lights up the back of the custom fiberglass box. It gives Midnight Kompressor all the bass it needs.
    Halo Style Projector Headlights

    Midnight Kompressor came with a set of regular factory headlights that needed to be upgraded. This set was installed to add a set of halos and dress up the front end of the car. The headlights were a direct fit and plugged right into the stock harness.
    Red LED Trunk Lights

    Two 18” red LED ropes were installed on the underside of the trunk deck. They light up the entire car in a sea of red and contrast well with the silver enclosure. They are controlled with a switch that is hidden in the trunk area.
    LEDGlow 3 Million Color Underbody Kit

    A night show is a completely different experience and Midnight Kompressor is outfitted with a 3 million color underbody kit. It will help the vehicle show well and it will be the first C Class with a full kit under it. An extra tube was also installed behind the front grill and it will sync up with the front underbody light.
    Silver Interior Accents

    Midnight Kompressor came with a full complement of brushed silver that contrasted the dark interior well. This kit adds to the existing silver accents and covers the center vents and the outer 2 vents. It gives the interior a little more color.
    LEDGlow Strobe Light Kit

    Getting attention at car shows is easier when you have a set of strobe lights. Midnight Kompressor has a set of four lights that were custom installed. The read set were installed in the tail lights so the entire clear section lights up and flashes. The front lights were installed where the directional bulbs used to be. The fit is perfect and you can not even tell they are strobe lights. The directional bulbs were relocated to the driving light spot in the headlight assembly.
    White LED Interior Lighting

    All of the interior lighting has been converted to white LED’s in Midnight Kompressor. The lights are very bright and a huge upgrade over the stock bulbs. The five dome lights, door lights, glove box light and trunk light were all swapped out.
    LED License Plate Bulbs

    These lights are a small addition to Midnight Kompressor. They light up a bright white instead of the yellow light that the factory bulbs emitted. They lights have resistors built into them so the car does not produce an error code.

    Performance Modifications

    Limited Edition White Star Hood Ornament

    This item is a must have for any Mercedes-Benz owner out there. It is a serial numbered, limited edition hood ornament that takes the place of the raised Mercedes star. It is custom made by taking two different ornaments and combining them together. Midnight Kompressor is one of the few lucky Mercedes out there to have one.
    Ceramic Brake Pads

    Ceramic brake pads are a must for any show car and Midnight Kompressor is equipped with them on all for corners. They are the cleanest pads in the game and the stopping power is more than adequate.
    Luminics Titanium White High & Low Beams

    The lighting for Midnight Kompressor is supplied by Luminics Bulbs. These lights are super bright and very white. They do not have any color in them and light up the road. They are a direct fit and do not produce any error codes.
    Eurocharged Custom ECU Tune

    Eurocharged became involved with Midnight Kompressor when they were contacted about a custom ECU tune. They were able to build upon the factory tuning and open up the shift points and throttle response. The result is a HP gain of 15.
    Luminics Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

    The fog lights of Midnight Kompressor light up a foggy night in a sea of yellow. These bulbs are some of the brightest out there and set Midnight Kompressor apart from the other cars on the road.
    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Midnight Kompressor was very quiet when it came from the dealership. A Magnaflow muffler was added to give it some more power and a deeper groan. The muffler did just that and Midnight Kompressor announces it’s presence with authority.
    Mercedes-Benz License Plate Frame

    The plate frame for Midnight Kompressor is chrome and matches well with the chrome trunk handle. They give the back of the car a touch of shine and color that help to offset the rest which is dark.
    Quad AMG Exhaust Tips

    This one of a kind setup was custom designed by Lou’s Custom Exhaust and uses a transverse muffler that leads to a pipe around the spare tire. At the end of both pipes are 2 AMG exhaust tips that are staggered out of the read of the car. It really sets the rear of the car apart from other C Class Mercedes-Benz.
    Mercedes-Benz Logo Valve Covers

    The little things make Midnight Kompressor a show winner, these valve covers add a touch of class to the wheels and give the valve stems some character.
    R1Concepts Drilled Front & Rear Rotors

    R1Concepts stepped in and offered a solution for the lack of quality brake parts on the C Class. They made a set of drilled rotors for the front and rear of Midnight Kompressor that worked with the large calipers. The rotors were coated in black to reduce rust and really finish off the wheel well area.
    Projector Fog Lights

    A matching set of custom fog lights were made to go with the projector headlights. The projectors give more light output and look good.
    Red Painted Calipers with White Mercedes Logos

    The calipers on Midnight Kompressor are large and needed some color to make them stand out. A high temperature red paint was applied to them in six different coats. Then the white logos were attached and everything was clear coated four more times. The calipers will stand up to whatever is thrown at them and look good doing it.
    Silver Lower Grill Paint

    The grills on a stock C230 are black and blend in with the rest of the car's black paint. Midnight Kompressor's grills were painted in a metallic silver paint to make them stand out against the rest of the front end. They also blend well with the projector fog lights.
    Sport AMG Style Black Grill

    Once the hood ornament was removed Midnight Kompressor lacked a logo on the front of the car. This grill gives it a large emblem in chrome that tells everyone what kind of car it is. The grill was painted black to match the car and goes well with the other chrome accents.
    Tinted Tail Lights

    The tail lights were tinted with 20% tint to help them blend with the black paint of Midnight Kompressor. The tint was cut from around the clear portion of the tails to give it a custom look. Plenty of light shines through at night and the tint will peel right off if it needs to be changed.
    Weathertech Wind Deflectors

    The wind deflectors aid in the ventilation of the car when it is raining. This set came with a piece for each door and they mount in the channel of the window. This lets you have a cleaner look without having to stick something to the outside of the car.
    White LED Puddle Lights

    5 Hyper-white LED puddle lights were installed on each side of Midnight Kompressor. They light up when the remote unlock button is hit on the key and stay on till the doors close. You can also turn them on with a button inside the car. They add a touch of class to Midnight Kompressor.
    Window Tint, 20% All Around

    Tint is a very important mod, it looks good and keeps unwanted eyes from seeing the inside of your car. 20% allows some light in but keeps the interior cool during the summer.