About The Owner

While the Midnight Kompressor is emerging on the show scene, Keith Jarvis is not. Having owned and modified two previous vehicles, he's won numerous awards and learned how to best showcase his cars. As a member of the 300M Enthusiasts Club and owner of a 2002 Silver 300M Special, Keith attended shows all along the east coast. The most significant modifications to his M were a refrigerator in the trunk, custom dual exhaust, one of a kind chrome rims, and custom engine paint. Keith's next car was a 2002 Vivid Red Lincoln LS V8. Keith's modifications to Vivid LS were certainly a step above. They included Lambo doors, 20" Foose chrome rims, 5 screens, XBox360, and a custom fiberglass trunk. This car was also showcased along the east coast and was recognized as a winning ride where ever it went.

After the 300M and the Lincoln LS, Keith decided to purchase a stock vehicle that in its simplest state was sleek and classy. When he saw Midnight Kompressor he knew this car had great potential but needed little to highlight its class. Over the past two years of modifying the vehicle, Keith has aimed at enhancing its dark paint with custom carbon fiber accents and the chrome detail. As a daily driver, it was important to Keith that it be functional and one of a kind all at the same time.

In addition to designing and creating one of a kind show cars, Keith is attending Champlain College for a Bachelors Degree in Web Design & Development. It is his goal to combine his love of modified show cars with his creative web design skills to create sites like this one to grow the show car community. Keith remains a member of the 300M Enthusiasts Club and currently is a member of the club's Board of Directors and is the club Vice President.

  • Vivid LS
    Pictues of Keith's show winning 2002 Lincoln LS V8.

  • Silver Special
    Pictures of Keith's show winning 2002 Chrylser 300M Special.